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Create a Linux dual book thumb drive Create a Linux dual boot pen drive with Ubuntu and Slax. Unlike a Live CD, both will be persistent, mening that you can make changes and carry your files with you.
Make an Ubuntu DNS server Install BIND on an Ubuntu server, create a cache server, reverse and forward look up zones and records for your web, mail and other computers on your network.
Install Java and Firefox plug-in Ubuntu Install the Java runtime environment (JRE) and the plug-in for Firefox on Ubuntu.
Configure DNS forwarding pfSense In this setup we register DHCP clients with the pfSense firewall and then forward requests from them to our DNS server in split-DNS configuration; dynamic on pfSense and static on another DNS server.
Create W2K3 secondary DNS server With a Linux server already serving as the primary DNS server, we now take a Windows 2003 server and make it the secondary on our network.
Create group policies W2K3 server Group policy objects, GPO's, are how Windows domain controllers control rights and permissions to groups and users. We'll explore GPO's and the tools associated with them.
Clean and maintain your Windows machine When one purchases a new PC pre-installed with Windows, it often comes "bungled" with a lot of unnecessary offers, trials, shortcuts and garbage. Continued use only makes matters worse. In this how-to we show you how to get rid of the crap and keep your machine running smoothly.
Using SDM to study for your Cisco CCNA If you are studying for your CCNA and don't have actual routers to work with or want to explore SDM without interrupting your production environment then you'll definitely want to to check this out.
Understanding IP addressing In this how-to we delve into binary, hex, IP addressing, subnetting, VLSM and CIDR. Complete with practical examples and exercises to reinforce your learning. Great for the CCNA candidate or anyone who works with computers and networks.