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Building a Virtual Network - Part I

Installing VMWare Server

OK, the first thing you need to do is get VMWare Server. It's free with registration and can be obtained @ the VMWare web site. The installer is over 500MB in size, so a high-speed connection is advised.

VMWare will install number of services as well as the Apache Tomcat web server, needed to manage VMWare via the web interface. Therefore, a separate install of IIS or Apache is not required.

A few screenshots of interesting dialogs during installation:

VMware default ports
VMWare default ports
Configuring VMWare shortcuts
Configure shortcuts
VNWare account information
Entering account information

After an installation a restart will be required. At this point go ahead an start VMWare Server, launching it from the VMWare Server icon icon. the URL will be something like "https://computername:8333/ui/#", where computername is your machines hostname and 8333 is the port used for a secure connection.

During the installation VMWare causes your computer to generate a self-signed certificate and you might run into difficulties. To have this certificate trusted by IE8 and Firefox follow these instructions.

Next, we install and configure our first virtual machine, Ubuntu Desktop 9.04 ...

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