MT4 Indicators

Below are my personal set of MT4 indicators. After trying many out there, none could fit my needs - Lack of features, poor programming, cumbersome UI, inaccurate calculations, etc. I decided to code my own from the ground up. Elegant, fast and accurate. They are 100% free and will not expire; no upsell, no gotchas.
Updated: 20190120

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_ADR!! - ADR / ATR v1.1
_E-TOOL!! - Handy utilities to make your analysis more efficient v1.20
_LABELS!! - Labels to make sharing charts and webinars clear v1.11
_OHLC!! - Rapidly draw price levels accurately v1.12
_OPEN!!a - Daily thru yearly open prices v1.41
_WPR!! - A better Williams %R indicator v1.20
_MORE_BARS!! - Script to max out chart history. More left-side bars v1.20
Indicator Use and Hotkeys pdf - Usage and Hotkeys

All In One - Everything zipped in a single download

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